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Stamper Lodge
​Carlisle, PA - 2009

This is essentially an interior renovation of a solid timber log house. It's near a creek on a beautiful property tucked away in a corner of Carlisle, PA. The client is an outdoors-man and this house serves as both his home and his fishing lodge (playground). The fisherman-client is a cardiologist so it's fitting that this lodge is more refined and better equipped than a typical "log cabin"!

Jacobs House
Lenox, MA - 1998

The site is a beautiful wooded property on a bluff. The climate can be very harsh and requires serious consideration. The roofs are sloped to reduce snow loads. The construction is of glazed and unglazed brick, cedar timber, copper-sheathed roofs, and glass. Masonry forms a weather shield to the north and a platform for the house structure to the south. The primary living spaces are contained in three semi-transparent volumes linked via the masonry shell with views through windows toward the edge of the bluff. The southern window walls have exterior louvers to control solar glare and heat gain.

BB Sandwich Bar
New York, NY

One great cheesesteak and ice cold beer - to stay or to go - that's it! The finshes are low-maintenance: concrete floor, stainless steel, ss fittings, hardwood counters and bar tops, fiber optic-glass tube lighting, and wall panels in both back-painted glass and fabric. The back-lit glass panel gets its brilliant red color from the BB signature sandwich sauce.

Jamaica National Sports Complex
Montego Bay  - 1998

Envisioned as a state-of-the-art sports mecca for the Federation of Jamaica and a world-class entertainment venue, this facility is proposed for a beachfront site near Montego Bay. The master plan includes a velodrome, a soccer stadium, and a centrally located tennis stadium. A training center and a series of smaller tennis courts are scattered throughout the complex.


The orientation of the stadium(s) maximizes protection from wind and rain while remaining open to the air and to the beachfront. A translucent fabric covers moveable panels overhead providing protection from the elements while allowing light to penetrate. Its nautilus-like form echoes the seascape and inspires the forms and geometry which organize the complex. An elevated boardwalk borders the tennis stadium on two sides and serves to link the main entry on the north with the beachfront to the south.

Beach House
​East Hampton, NY


A proposal for a summer house for a small family living in Manhattan. The plan consists of five separate "pavilions" linked together by an elevated deck and an overhead shade trellis. Like a boardwalk, the deck and pavilions exist above the dune, open to the sea breeze.