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Previous Projects

Exchange Place
London, England - 1987
SOM - Chicago

Exchange Place and its plaza are the centerpiece of a neighborhood rejuvenation surrounding Liverpool train station. The building is designed like a bridge to span the train-yard which passes underneath. The steel arch bridge structure became the expression of the building and enabled the plaza to be left wide open.


The slim, elegant profile of the structural steel is visible because the window wall is fire rated, eliminating the need for fireproofing. The entire structure is treated in a "bride-like" manner - it's pin-connected on one end and slip-connected on the other, allowing for both vertical and horizontal movement which can be caused by thermal fluctuations and train vibrations.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Toronto, Canada - 1992
Johnson-Burgee Architects

The CBC Headquarters is an enormous building of 1.72 million square feet, located adjacent to the convention center in downtown Toronto. It houses television and radio studios, a public theatre, and administrative support facilities. Public spaces are enriched with bright colors and bold geometries to encourage public interaction and engagement with the institution.


The primary studios are located on the rooftop as a way of isolating them from vibrations caused by nearby subway trains. The double story super-grid of the exterior wall is utilized to break down the scale of the huge volume of the building.

Singapore Hotel
Singapore - 1990
Johnson-Burgee Architects

A proposal in the style of "Neo-Constructivism". The bold colliding geometry was intended to jumpstart a new retail destination. The design clothed an otherwise typical double-loaded corridor plan. Eventually the design fell victim to Feng-Shui violations.

New Canaan Visitors Center
New Canaan, CT - 1992
Philip Johnson, Architect

This design is the first evolution of the final built version - "DaMonsta".

U of Houston Law School
Houston, TX - 1993
Philip Johnson, Architect

I was fortunate to have helped Mr. Johnson develop some of his ideas in "Mega-tecture" and Neo-Constructivism" as he called them. The vocabulary of bold colliding forms, seemingly at random, lent itself well to the U of Houston and Seton Hill projects.

Seton Hill College of Fine Arts
Seton Hill, NJ - 1991
Philip Johnson, Architect

The "random" collection of forms generates an instant village-campus for a young institution. The approach reflected Mr. Johnson's often whimsical attitude toward design.

Macau International Airport
Macau - 1994
TAMS Consultants, NY

Intended as a ceremonial entrance to the casino on the mezzanine above, the glass-treaded Casino Stairway (one of two) is anchored to the ceiling and floor structures with tension rods. It has a white painted steel structure, brushed stainless steel fittings and handrails, and textured-laminated glass treads. To give continuity to the public spaces, the strucural elements as well as the glazing system, are repeated on the exterior curtain-wall, canopies, and entrances.

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