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Furniture - Interiors

BB Sandwich Bar
New York, NY

One great cheesesteak and ice cold beer - to stay or to go - that's it! The finshes are low-maintenance: concrete floor, stainless steel, ss fittings, hardwood counters and bar tops, fiber optic-glass tube lighting, and wall panels in both back-painted glass and fabric. The back-lit glass panel gets its brilliant red color from the BB signature sandwich sauce.

​Cocoon for Two


There's a first version employing a hardwood shell inspired by ship huIls, and bucket seats from a classic Ford Mustang. The second, better version, using translucent stainless steel mesh, enables the curve of the cushion within to be revealed.

45 East 89th Street
New York, NY

The linear plan layout features the view to the west, allowing most of the rooms to look out over the Central Park reservoir 30 stories below. The expansive open space of the living - dining area anchors the center of the arrangement and, with its adjacent wet bar and powder room, is well suited to entertaining large groups of guests. A library and sleeping quarters are on the north end of the plan, and the kitchen and master bedroom are on the south end.


The spaces are outfittedwith custom made doors and cabinetry using a variety of hardwoods including English Sycamore and flat-cut Maple. The warm-neutral palette highlights the owners' great collection of art and encourages spatial continuity of the linear layout.


This electronics storage cabinet was initially conceived of as adjustable. It would first accomodate a conventional television and eventually collapse and enclose a flat-screen television. The enclosure is made of stacked cast aluminum plates. The plates are spaced apart to lighten the mass both physically and visually. Mahogany slats and glass panels are dovetailed with the plates to form moveable door panels.

Dining Table
​Solid Walnut, Glass

A small "pedestal" table. Super stable and affords leg room at the banquette.

​Stainless Steel, Macassar Ebony, Crystal Glass

The table comprises three elements: a wood block, a folded aluminum plate, and a pane of glass. The shape is drawn from its location in the living space.

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